Sunday, May 1, 2011

Journey to UM, full of joy !

The day after National Exam which was Friday, 22th April we (me,Gesha,Jaka,Adrian and Ega) went to UM, the journey was so fun! I my self enjoyed the journey. Oh yeah, we went to UM by LRT, we gathered at KL Sentral and we are Indonesian ! so, some of us were coming late and so did I ! Right after all of us were presence, we started our journey to UM. We took LRT and got down at University Station and took Bus to UM. As we arrived at UM, we went to ISC or also known as International Student Center, ISC is an office that guiding international students who want to make an admission into UM. ISC located at First Level of Perdanasiswa, but unfortunately the office was closed because it was Friday and all moslems (Boys) are doing their Friday Prayer on Friday moreover, lunch time on Friday is extended by 1 hour if i'm not mistaken, so at that time the office would be opened on 2.45 PM. We decided to have our lunch first at Perdanasiswa Canteen the food were satisfying, though.

Right after we finished up our food, the boys were ready to go to Mosque for Friday Prayer and I told them that me and Gesha would be waiting for them at 12th Residential College which is Kak Ratna's dorm while they were doing Friday Prayer. As we arrived at Kak Ratna's dorm, we relaxed our body by laying on Kak Ratna's bed,and stretched our hands and foots. Suddenly, Ega called Gesha and they said they've finished their prayer and would be waiting for us at ISC, we took our Zuhur prayer first and went to ISC by taxi together with Kak Ratna.

Our problems were settled and we decided to go to 10th Residential College which is going to be the place for Registration day on 5th May. I don't want to be flustered on D-Day so i asked them to accompany us to go there. Luckily, Jaka brought UM Map and we took a look the map, so we went to 10th College and we took the wrong way so it was quite far no no it was so far. But Jaka made so many jokes although his jokes were-not-that-funny hahaha.On our half-way journey, my foot were very tired. Although it was a far journey but we enjoyed it and the funniest moment was when we didn't hear any sound made by Ega, we looked him behind and we found he stopped and threw his umbrella to the street, we laughed at him and found him full of sweats, How pity he was ! So we decided to went there by taxi but unfortunately the taxi is only for four people. So, only me, Gesha, and Ega took the taxi and the rest (Adrian and Jaka) walked to 10th College. As we arrived at 10th College, Ega bought himself a meal and four of us only bought a drink. Suddenly one of us said "What are we doing here?" -___-

Then, we went back to LRT by taxi and the journey to home were started !

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