Sunday, May 30, 2010

short update

well, i'm supposed to study math or physic or chemistry, etc. but now as you see i'm blogging, watching Super Junior (again). just now i studied math "Limit" 1 chapter DONE. but i've to continue with physic tonight "Mesin Carnot & Mesin Pendingin" i almost forget that tomorrow i'll having pyhsic test GREAT! Dhini, (my classmate) reminding me about that physic test.

i have to stay away from the Super Junior thingy-s for a while, yeah I HAVE TO.

okay i'll shut down my laptop and continue my "Diferensial" bye ! :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


okay ujian semakin dekat dan to be frank i'm not ready yet to face this examination haha GREAT ! still busy with my suju stuff you know everyday i watch their performance their videos and their bora. everyday okay EVERYDAY until 01.00 AM, 02.00 AM crazy? YES!

so, what should i do now? shut down the laptop and delete all the videos of Super Junior? ITU LEBIH GILA ! mana sudi ekye :D or maybe i should go to Seoul and hug them one by one tightly? mimpikaliyee -__- ah it's okay. anyway, i'm happy to be ELF and i promise it won't disturb my school stuff, etc. HOPE SO :D

next week, i'm gonna face my examination, wish me luck ! tonight, gue harus berada jauh jauh jauh jauh dari laptop kalo ga bisa nyangkut lagi di SP, youtube, dan anggota sejenis lainnya. nih ya sekarang aja ni ya buku biologi halaman 180 bab 8 Sistem regulasi ada di depan mata terbuka dengan lebarnya tapi tidak sedikit pun ku sentuh. ya tuhan hilangkanlah rasa malas ini AMIN. gue janji ga bakal nonton suju BUAT MINGGU INI (boong). ini nih tersangka yg harus tanggung jawab :

itu Kyhyun. ganteng kan? EMANG hehe.yasudah sampai disini dulu pertemuan kita. bye bye :)

Monday, May 24, 2010


devi's comeback
helloo world i'm back with a new image new skin, everything's new, new boyfriend KYUHYUN (it's just a lie to make a big sensation) haha
okay now i'm crazy about Super Junior it'been a year i love this boyband so much lalalala.
you know kyuhyun is the most handsome and the cutest in this group and he's also the magnae (the youngest) same as me right? *blinking*
i started to love this group when they were famous with "Sorry Sorry" and my friend fatina introduced this boyband to me, gesha and hannan. fatina told us to watch "It's You MV" at first i liked hankyung but it was only for one months and after that i'm in love with kyuhyunnie.okay that's all for the simplest intro i ever made -_-

Last saturday i went to Times Square with ELF (fatina hannan) we took Super Junior 4th Album and we got an awesome big poster and also a cute photocard. actually i really really want kyu's photocard but as we know luck is not always in our hand but it's okay i got Donghae's, he's also one of my favourite and i really like the free big poster, the poster is the biggest poster i ever had in my whole entire life -_-

an awesome big poster :

and here is the cover of Version A Album :


unfortunately i didn't get the "Kyuhyun" one but donghae is also one of my top 5 lists :)

us :) :

kyu kyu kyu he's so adorable haha i know it's too much but i don't care :p SARANGHAEYO CHO KYUHYUN , MR. GAMEFREAK CHO KYUHYUN :p

and i think i wanna buy "Boys in City" and i'm going to fast start from tomorrow. wish me luck and BYE :)