Sunday, August 1, 2010


now : 08.21 AM

I just realized that my last 2 posts were too melancholy, this post too. I remember 2 and half years ago, I wasted my phone credit, I wasted my money to bought phone credit to sent you messages, to gave you a phone call, I wasted my time, and I wasted everything. But why i can't stop loving you, until this time, until this post being published. why? because i am deeply love you. I thought having a relationship with someone was the best way to forget you to erased you and to kicked you far away, BIG NO. You don't know that i am deeply love you, you don't know that you hurt this empty-heart, and you'll never know. I chatted with you every night, talked to you is the best way to cheer my day. Every single time i forgive you, 'you-in-my-past'. And you'll leave KL this 4th of August, for good. 4th August my beautiful special day, without you, how sad. I will always love although i will never get your love. Saranghaeiloveyouwoaini :)

To You : I know this sounds weird. I actually like you mm no, not like you but I Love You for quite a long time

Ps : I wish you best of luck in Bandung,may God bless you. Thanks for everything, take care of yourself, be healthy always. I'm gonna miss you D