Friday, February 17, 2012

2nd sem officially started

My first week of 2nd semester went pretty well. Still trying to adapt with those new subjects and new lecturers. One of the most difficult things in university life is we HAVE TO understand our lecturers, what do they want especially in final exam. I've been in this university life for 6 months and still i'm not good in understanding the lecturers.

Last semester, there was a lecturer whom i really really super hate but unfortunately this semester i will see her again. But she's one of the the good lecturers,though. I will learn about Political Economy of East Asia and the lecturer really good in giving lecture but he requires us to read more more and more and critical thinking and the lectures given way more interesting than last semester. Last week he asked us "is there any possibilities China would beat Japan in the field of economy?". We know that economy of Japan really really good and the best among Asia countries, and we know the reasons why as well. So, someday China might be able to beat Japan if its people know how to react in positive ways and change their personalities as well. Based on China history, China had a good government system in Tang Dynasty period and it was inspiring Japan, eventually. The lecturer requires us to analyze and give opinion based on our way of thinking, such a interesting yet hard thing to do.

I met my lecturer on last Thursday, he's Korean and he's the one who will organize and arrange our outbond to Korea and as well as Annual Youth Camp in Korea this summer. All of us might be able to go to outbond programme but only less than 3 students might be able to go to Annual Youth Camp. Those two events gonna take place on this upcoming summer. So if i'm chosen for youth camp i will be in Korea for 10 days and go back to KL and continue with outbond programme. I really really hope i'm gonna be one of those 3 students.

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